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About The Bobbleshop

The BobbleShop was developed in France by Digiteyezer, an industry leader in image capturing technology. Their R&D center is in Toulouse, with offices in Paris. Digiteyezer is continuously working to add exciting new features and improvements to this unique opportunity.

There are many BobbleShop photo kiosk installations throughout the world. Here in North America, Bobbleshop USA is focused on establishing a significant presence, through our expanding network of BobbleShop licensees.

There are 2 business opportunities:
A self-standing user-operated Kiosk model, perfect for amusement / theme parks, cruise ships, game arcades, etc;
Also the portable, operator-assisted, Easy Go model that can travel to corporate events, fundraisers, birthday parties, or even retail settings with a revolving customer base such as photo studios, etc.

The Benefits of Adding Bobbleshop to Your Business!

  • Bring Fun & Excitement to your crowd, with all the ease of a Photo-booth! See their faces light up as they create their own 3D custom character
  • With either Kiosk or Easy Go models, sell full color 3D figurines and make 80-100% markup. Final figurine sales price is usually $25-60, depending on size.
  • Sell the accompanying 2D prints & animations on their own (they are free to you, charge what you like).
  • Thru social media sharing, Bobbleshop offers unique branding opportunities to create & increase awareness for your entertainment center or corporate event clients.

Contact Us to Find About the Complete Bobbleshop Package, and Learn How You Can:

Buy Kiosk or Easy Go models.

License our world class, patented & proprietary, software for 3D imaging & reconstruction, as well as our online order management software.

Learn about our Full Service & Support Program.

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